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Spell check of lading

Correct spelling: lading

encumbrance, weight, pack, warhead, committal, lode, contents, onus, payload, haul, freight rate, clog, burden, loading, charge, dispatch, freightage, cargo, despatch, consignment, load, shipment, draft, shipping, incubus, stowage, freight, incumbrance, commitment.

Examples of usage:

1) Wiley thought the matter over, then he 'phoned his lawyer to forget it and wrote direct to an express company, enclosing his bills of lading and authorizing them to collect the account. - "Shadow Mountain", Dane Coolidge.

2) " Just ask him to run all the way here," I said, and put my nose down in a bill of lading. - "At Good Old Siwash", George Fitch.

3) Presently Edmonton Ridgar, chief trader of Fort de Seviere, came down the main way between the cabins, passing alone between the rows of the populace, and went forward to the lading to receive the guests. - "The Maid of the Whispering Hills", Vingie E. Roe.