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Spell check of kooky

Correct spelling: kooky

berserk, eccentric, outlandish, nutty, soft, barmy, zesty, erratic, loco, lunatic, ludicrous, laughable, haywire, hysterical, yeasty, singular, screwball, sappy, brain-sick, cranky, blithering, cockamamie, crackers, strange, wacky, childish, crazy, nutlike, weird, dotty, kookie, delirious, rum, cockamamy, zany, bonkers, unbalanced, fiendish, quirky, loopy, curious, amiss, silly, roughened, loony, cracked, psycho, bats, wrong, wild, peculiar, balmy, around the bend, over-the-top, crackpot, deranged, mad, gaga, batty, rummy, whacky, freakish, chapped, insane, zestful, ridiculous, odd, awry, frenzied, bizarre, maniacal, goofy, psychotic, unnatural, nuts, daft, unusual, quaint, fruity, demented, irrational, usual, babbling, schizoid, alligatored, neurotic, buggy, feverish, idiosyncratic, crack-brained, mild, round the bend.


Examples of usage:

1) They've all been pretty darn good to me in their kooky ways, the actors have. - "No Great Magic", Fritz Reuter Leiber.