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Spell check of knot

Correct spelling: knot

ligament, bole, stat mi, scare, cotter, coil, burl, bulge, seal, band, twirl, contortion, lace, fog, drag in, body, second, unloose, bunch, square knot, slub, myocardial infarct, batch, stay, furlong, clamp, hank, web, catkin, knob, close, sew, clinch, cubit, vinculum, connector, Calidris Canutus, cadre, fig leaf, suture, closure, hitch, entanglement, weave, clique, chignon, protrusion, baste, measure, cinch, untie, labyrinth, foot, kilometer, tousle, hook, weld, panic, overhang, button, convex, mil, staple, snag, tighten, buckle, warp, micron, knit, fiber, vise, embroil, fasten, bobbed, quail, ravel out, mph, string, skewer, lash, cell, couple, meter, bundle, blossom, mat, league, anchor, spiral, grayback, fastening, assortment, protuberance, array, knitting, lot, get married, bracket, decameter, cluster, gathering, rabbet, bun, brace, snap, whirl, slip knot, beehive, froth, ell, morass, lock, mile, secure, branch, ligature, drag, millimeter, bangs, billow, yard, clip, connect, cincture, naut mi, loose, sweep, criterion, minute, set, glue, geographical mile, binder, block, rpm, mesh, hasp, myocardial infarction, tangle, medium, jut, perplexity, nautical mile, granny knot, kph, clasp, fastener, nexus, group, inch, mi, maze, knotted, bind, tie up, middleman, rev, unravel, guy, projection, crop, international nautical mile, fibre, swelling, stitch, agent, the in-crowd, step, land mile, rivet, coupling, bough, chloroplast, tack, pin, Mach, party, plait, fathom, rod, twine, tie, belt, hinge, lump, nub, strap, spike, clutch, fuse, jungle, reef knot, dishevel, yoke, centimeter, mediator, statute mile, bolt, air mile, elite, hump, focus group, entangle, ravel, Afro, bonding, latch, catch, link, bow, nail, zip, cloud, hectometer, bevy, bob, sweep up, mucilage, chain, bark, keep, brad, collection, crown, buzz cut, cleat, bump, thread, grapnel, unfurl, paste, sea mile, foam, chicken out, braid, cement, snarl, skein, splice, angstrom, hawser, simple, bond, go-between, binding, twist, corm, zipper, faction, clump, marry, tether, quake, gnarl, decimeter, acceleration.

unknot, unravel, unscramble, unpick, untangle.

Examples of usage:

1) This was to turn in the air in a peculiar way and land in the water on his side, with his body tied up in a knot. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) She did not welcome the idea of coming into close contact with the little knot of freshmen that were loyal to Mignon La Salle's interests. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

3) Anyhow, I don't want it to get abroad that Jack Sheldon and I do not know how to tie up a boat or tie any ordinary kind of knot. - "The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island", Cyril Burleigh.