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Spell check of Jacoba

Correct spelling: Jacoba

Examples of usage:

1) Our next letters were, by his order, to find him at Brussels, and when old Dame Pernhart had given her consent to our journeying to the land of Egypt- whereas Aunt Jacoba held her wisdom and shrewd wit in high honor,- and had moved her son and Dame Giovanna to do likewise, Ann wrote a long letter to my lord Cardinal, the venerable head of the Pernhart family, setting forth in touching words for what cause and to what end she had dared so bold a venture. - "Margery, Volume 7.", Georg Ebers.

2) And my feeble, sickly Aunt Jacoba, meseemed, was like- minded with me. - "Margery, Volume 7.", Georg Ebers.

3) The next day we should have gone out to the forest, but we remained at home; Aunt Jacoba would see no one. - "The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers", Georg Ebers.