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Spell check of Isidor

Correct spelling: Isidor

Examples of usage:

1) Dr. Lepardo, or M. Isidor Levi, removed a grey wig and a pair of spectacles and seemed by some relaxation of the facial muscles, to melt out of existence, leaving in his place a heavy- eyed man, with stained skin and thin, straggling hair. - "The Sins of Séverac Bablon", Sax Rohmer.

2) Edited by Isidor Philipp. - "Resonance in Singing and Speaking", Thomas Fillebrown.

3) Kleczynski, in his two books, gives many valuable hints, and Isidor Philipp has published a set of Exercises Quotidiens, made up of specimens in double notes, octaves and passages taken from the works. - "Chopin: The Man and His Music", James Huneker.