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Spell check of indigent

Correct spelling: indigent

innocent, penurious, poor, barren, skint, poverty-stricken, hard up, badly off, free, impoverished, pauperized, dirt-poor, necessitous, broken, deprived, beggared, impecunious, devoid, threadbare, broke, destitute, wiped out, penniless, needful, down-and-out, struggling, beggarly, strapped, needy, rich, famished.

fat, prosperous, moneyed, opulent, well-to-do, deep-pocketed, fat-cat, well-heeled, rich, flush, wealthy, affluent, comfortable, silk-stocking, well-off.

Examples of usage:

1) He will discover a profusion of generosity to add to the beauty, dignity, or convenience of the parent city, to lighten the dulness of ordinary life, to bring all ranks together in common scenes of enjoyment, to relieve want and suffering among the indigent. - "Roman Society from Nero to Marcus Aurelius", Samuel Dill.

2) The late Mary Sterry, and several other estimable members of Southwark meeting, together with benevolent individuals among the different religious denominations of the district, soon joined them, and the society became a highly influential channel through which assistance has been variously rendered to many thousands of the indigent poor; and it still continues, though with a reduced scale of operations, to be an important source of help to the sick and destitute. - "Memoir and Diary of John Yeardley, Minister of the Gospel", John Yeardley.

3) The Member observed that if any one were to offer him a sovereign and his board on condition of his climbing up this slope, he would prefer to remain in indigent circumstances. - "Faces and Places", Henry William Lucy.