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Spell check of inapt

Correct spelling: inapt

perverse, unqualified, inappropriate, unfit, amiss, improper, incompetent, out, untoward, unbefitting, fumbling, incongruous, tactless, incorrect, inapposite, unseemly, unhappy, awkward, unskillful, bunglesome, indecorous, infelicitous, inefficient, embarrassing, usual, cumbrous, clumsy, feckless, unbecoming, graceless, of place, ill-matched, uneasy, unwieldy, sticky, cumbersome, unable, inept, ill at ease, wrong, agree, unsuited, malapropos, ability, unapt, ill-chosen, unsuitable, unenviable, inexpert, ungainly, unfitted, clunky, gawky, unskilled, ill-suited, unworkmanlike, incapable, bungling.

capable, timely, skilled, endorsed, supported, prepared, respectable, able, pat, adept, satisfactory, pointed, skillful, fit, competent, right, felicitous, apposite, blameless, germane, becoming, meet, consonant, proper, kosher, harmonious, genteel, encouraged, exemplary, appropriate, permitted, experienced, relative, acceptable, all-around, ready, authorized, adequate, correct, seasoned, sanctioned, fine, irreproachable, apropos, opportune, trained, expert, balanced, congenial, versatile, abetted, compatible, relevant, creditable, all right, companionate, approved, fortunate, seasonable, tolerable, seemly, happy, OK, virtuoso, veteran, protean, overqualified, apt, licensed, promoted, ace, material, befitting, allowed, practiced, consummate, passable, decent, accomplished, qualified, commendable, suitable, congruous, fitting, decorous, applicable.

Examples of usage:

1) It is not inapt to state that the rifle had more commendations bestowed on it than the hunter by the Wangwana. - "How I Found Livingstone", Sir Henry M. Stanley.

2) Such a successor, I gathered from Mrs. Munden, widowed childless and lonely, as well as inapt for the minor offices, she had absolutely to have; a more or less humble alter ago to deal with the servants, keep the accounts, make the tea and watch the window- blinds. - "The Beldonald Holbein", Henry James.

3) When excited she picked out the one that first presented itself and fired it off like a gun, the more inapt the better. - "A Prisoner in Fairyland", Algernon Blackwood.