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Spell check of inadvertent

Correct spelling: inadvertent

negligent, unintentional, derelict, shoddy, heedless, remiss, hit-and-miss, contingent, uninterested, haphazard, incidental, disinterested, wandering, unpremeditated, slapdash, careless, slipshod, distracted, aloof, odd, unintended, ignoring, befuddled, dreamy, preoccupied, forgetful, slovenly, unconcerned, unwitting, unconscious, accidental, oblivious, unmeant, absent, unplanned, unmindful, undesigned, absent-minded, detached, unthinking, neglectful, casual, napping, bumbling, planned, faraway, inattentive, undevised, unheedful, clumsy, reckless, senile, inconsiderate, sloppy, disregardful, fluky, fortuitous, perfunctory, surprise, chance, thoughtless.

foreordained, freewill, foreseen, voluntary, prepense, prescribed, predetermined, unforced, intended, planned, premeditated, predestined, willful, expected, premeditative, destined, foreseeable, preordained, set, predictable, inevitable, certain, fixed, conscious, calculated, volunteer, intentional, sure, deliberate, knowing.

Examples of usage:

1) I always regarded seconds as of little consequence, put them down as a matter of routine- for in that snow- blinding, bewildering North I worked more like a machine than a reasoning being- and now the inadvertent use of these was used to cast suspicion upon me. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) She held his hand tightly, as if to prevent herself making any inadvertent dash for freedom, but she leapt to and fro like a dog on the leash, squeaking her ecstasy at every fresh display achieved by the bizarre masked figure below them. - "The Lamp in the Desert", Ethel M. Dell.

3) All unconsciously, with that one inadvertent word, M. Linders had raised the first slight barrier between himself and his child, had given the first shock to that confidence which he had fondly hoped was ever to exist undisturbed between them. - "My Little Lady", Eleanor Frances Poynter.