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Spell check of icebreaker

Correct spelling: icebreaker

dugout, cargo boat, balm, destroyer, battleship, dory, submarine, tanker, gunboat, galley, frigate, hydrofoil, canoe, sampan, merchantman, watercraft, boat, fishing boat, cutter, steamboat, carrier, schooner, lifeboat, scooter, bateau, aircraft carrier, longboat, bulk carrier, coracle, yacht, cruiser, catamaran, vessel, barge, houseboat, sailboat, tugboat, cockleshell, cabin cruiser, scull, scow, getaway, home away from home, dinghy, speedboat, canal boat, worry beads, comfort zone, bark, trawler, motorboat, pontoon, liner, security blanket, paddle boat, kayak, ice yacht, freighter, ship, hulk, skiff, iceboat, raft, ferry, lubricant, rowboat, gondola, bowser, ocean liner.

Examples of usage:

1) Even so, she made me cut my price in half, leaving me only twofifty according to my agreement with Miss Francis, but it was an icebreaker. - "Greener Than You Think", Ward Moore.