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Spell check of houseboat

Correct spelling: houseboat

dinghy, icebreaker, destroyer, scow, cabin cruiser, frigate, hydrofoil, lifeboat, bark, hulk, kayak, barge, dory, sailboat, aircraft carrier, ship, battleship, speedboat, cruiser, tugboat, liner, skiff, trawler, boat, catamaran, ferry, yacht, freighter, bateau, dugout, merchantman, motorboat, steamboat, tanker, scull, longboat, canoe, raft, ocean liner, submarine, watercraft, vessel, sampan, rowboat, cutter, fishing boat, gondola, gunboat, galley, pontoon, schooner.

Examples of usage:

1) The houseboat used a pram as a tender, and the pram had its own low- power outboard motor. - "The Electronic Mind Reader", John Blaine.

2) Steve says to keep an eye on the houseboat, but to take no action. - "The Electronic Mind Reader", John Blaine.

3) I had the Coast Guard pay a visit to your houseboat this afternoon. - "The Electronic Mind Reader", John Blaine.