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Spell check of heterosexual

Correct spelling: heterosexual

straight person, hetero, male, female, heterosexual person, straightaway, straight.

transvestite, butch, homophile, pederastic, homoerotic, transsexual, transvestic, paederastic, tribadistic, sapphic, transgendered, transgender.

Examples of usage:

1) Oscar Wilde possibly might have been made over into a heterosexual. - "The Glands Regulating Personality", Louis Berman, M.D..

2) There are also the considerable class of perverted normals whose deviation from their natural path as the result of some such influence as heterosexual disappointment or repression, has been so emphasized as to render their perversion distinct from natural developments, and who refuse, or are unable, to deny themselves physical gratification. - "An Outline of Sexual Morality", Kenneth Ingram.

3) The social scientists were next: As I explained a moment ago, we are heterosexual and live an organized community life, but not in any cultural context that could be explained by the term. - "Membership Drive", Murray F. Yaco.