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Spell check of haven

Correct spelling: haven

cache, oasis, sanctuary, safety, harbour, bolt-hole, harbor, covert, refuge, asylum, protection, dugout, roadstead, attack, hiding place, sanctum, hideaway, hideout, cover, seaport, foxhole, port, retreat, anchorage, shelter, harborage.

Examples of usage:

1) And yet, in spite of a kind of dread that hung about him, in spite of a kind of perception that there was a great deal more in his father than he at present perceived, he could not resist a kind of warm pleasure that here at any rate was some sort of a haven, that no one else in the world might want him, but here was some one who was glad to see him. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

2) The very ship might have known it was the bearer of good tidings; for if there had been one of the mighty angels whose charge is on the great deep at the helm of the Good Intent she could not have gone more swiftly and surely to her haven. - "The Maid of Maiden Lane", Amelia E. Barr.

3) Lincoln Castle, June 25th, 1705. My Lord,- Now I am at rest, for I am come to the haven where I have long expected to be. - "Hetty Wesley", Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch.