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Spell check of go up

Correct spelling: go up

muster, ignite, lift, rustle, escalate, rear, board, audit, multiply, revoke, romp ahead, take shape, countermand, face-lift, extend, shape up, scrape up, nestle, appear, put together, elevate, border on, put on, surface, jump on, snuggle, catch fire, reverse, cruise, rescind, notch up, arise, fire, vacate, fade, attenuated, scrape, long, turn out, commute, shuttle, come along, rebel, mop up, clinch, overturn, increase, come on, muster up, flash, repeal, step up, wrap up, get hold, burn, pinch, grow, attendance, resurrect, set about, uprise, abbreviated, go on, stand up, soar, get up, reverberate, cover, burn down, on, enrollment, foreshortened, annul, come, set up, sneak, light, erect, snarf, spring up, absenteeism, method acting, construct, mount, climb, emergence, flame up, burn up, blaze up, raise, add to, jump, swell, floor-length, originate, hop on, attend, hook, draw near, amplify, plagiarize, nobble, approach, hitch, develop, work, plagiarise, come down, acting, rally, show up, get on, full-length, cope, scratch, resurface, find, in, flare, drop out, double, entrance, nuzzle, emerge, enroll, deepen, prove, near, come out, ring, go down, go, cuddle, dramatic, rise up, line up, get along, bestride, rep, burn off, blaze, play, elongated, conquer, put up, swipe, heighten, catch, bring up, assemble, deafen, turn up, opposite, draw close, move up, airlift, flame, pilfer, loom, win, wax, filch, come up, summon, go off, hoist, ascend, wind, climb up, sweep, function, run, come near, kindle, triumph, rise, reappear, absence, mount up, go about, ride, operate, progress, dark, nest, build, abstract, purloin, hitchhike, bob up, bristle, appearance, echo, cut in, throw up, cabbage, advance, climb on.

come down, go down, descend, fall.