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Spell check of gloom

Correct spelling: gloom

soberness, glumness, gloominess, heartsickness, dejection, happiness, unhappiness, anguish, desolation, distress, affliction, chagrin, vexation, sombreness, dumps, candlelight, twilight, misgiving, despond, shadow, dreariness, woe, despondence, mope, shadowy, negativity, oppression, melancholia, foreboding, despondency, bleakness, bitterness, sullenness, disconsolateness, dim, misery, miserableness, darkness, gaiety, grief, blue devils, apprehension, sobriety, blues, feelings, dolefulness, mournfulness, joylessness, dinginess, black, mourning, murky, shade, melancholy, night, despair, gloaming, horror, defeatism, blackness, moroseness, gravity, weariness, forlornness, somberness, dusk, optimism, dark, dysphoria, funk, mortification, shadows, happy, pessimism, sorrow, murk, downheartedness, doldrums, sadness, umbra, dispiritedness, discouragement, dullness, jet blackness, dimness, mopes, hopelessness, semidarkness, depression, malaise, heavy-heartedness, lugubriousness, graveness, sorrowfulness.

elatedness, incandescence, elation, radiance, blissfulness, rapturousness, sunniness, blaze, glee, gleefulness, joy, light, bliss, happiness, hopefulness, lightheartedness, exuberance, lightness, effulgence, gayness, humor, exhilaration, sunshine, glow, shine, radiancy, mirthfulness, contentment, cheerfulness, merriment, cheer, joviality, luminance, satisfaction, luminousness, sunlight, felicity, daylight, gladness, starlight, brightness, gladsomeness, jubilation, rapture, joyfulness, glare, day, ecstasy, mirth, jollity, brilliance, optimism, luminosity, content, heaven, joyousness, moonlight, delight, gaiety, gratification, luminescence, cheeriness, contentedness, intoxication, exultation, euphoria.

Examples of usage:

1) With the descent of the sun, nature again set its seal of gloom on Arctic life. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) It was only the hope of homegoing, which gave some mental strength in the night of gloom. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) The result was to drive away for a moment my gloom, and I smiled at my own mental comment. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.