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Spell check of fuzz

Correct spelling: fuzz

slob, copper, sloven, squealer, gendarme, hog, pig bed, the Garda, pile, finest, heat, lint, patrolman, copper color, a little, nap, hint, hairsbreadth, taster, peace officer, bull's eye, whisker, tomentum, slovenly person, bobby, sample, papal bull, hair's-breadth, constabulary, blur, fragment, dogshit, constable, bruiser, tomentum cerebri, hair, trace, highlights, curl, hairline, pilus, down, grunter, strapper, policeman, fur, flatfoot, alopecia, bit, forelock, police officer, atomic number 29, bluecoat, officer, floss, fluff, pig, cop, bull, a bit, bristle, peeler, piece, police, fraction, crowning glory, policewoman, patrolwoman, police force, haircloth, frizz, law.

Examples of usage:

1) Or the sticks of cellulose, or the curved, wire device with fuzz at the ends? - "The Planet Strappers", Raymond Zinke Gallun.

2) If she weeps, my heart grows as soft as a fuzz- ball." - "The Great Mogul", Louis Tracy.

3) I know they're a nuisance with their fuzz, but I love their rustling." - "Victor Ollnee's Discipline", Hamlin Garland.