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Spell check of fritter

Correct spelling: fritter

dash, inject, dart, spread out, burgeon forth, fool around, horse around, photograph, blast, hit, patty, befool, dispel, shoot down, arse around, spud, break up, take in, croquette, fritter away, pip, take, fool away, buck, cod, dupe, pancake, flash, bourgeon, disperse, put on, put one across, tear, fool, sprout, pullulate, charge, scoot, put one over, dissipate, shoot, frivol away, slang, scud, cutlet, film, germinate, gull, galette, scatter, snap.

Examples of usage:

1) Have you learned the secret of perpetual youth that you deliberately fritter away its golden moments in order to rush after the Dead Sea fruit of domination and power? - "Petticoat Rule", Emmuska Orczy, Baroness Orczy.

2) She was allowed no money to fritter away on vanities, no silly novels to read, such as those your friends write, no frivolous pursuits which could distract her mind from duty- yet she is her mother over again, and, like her mother, runs away from my house by stealth, in the dead of night. - "The Heather-Moon", C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson.

3) Sadie felt strangely averse to reading that letter; in part, she could imagine its contents, and for the very reason that she was still " halting between two opinions," " almost persuaded," and still on that often fatal " almost" side, instead of the " altogether," did she wait and linger, and fritter away the evening as best she could, rather than face that solemn letter. - "Ester Ried", Pansy (aka. Isabella M. Alden).