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Spell check of frailty

Correct spelling: frailty

wimpiness, lowness, frailness, shortcoming, impotence, decadence, crispness, feebleness, delicacy, listlessness, foible, flaccidity, want, imperfection, enervation, defect, spinelessness, dereliction, valetudinarianism, depravity, languidness, wobbliness, wishy-washiness, faintness, vulnerability, susceptibility, iniquity, immorality, debility, weakness, excess, decrepitude, enfeeblement, wrong, shakiness, better, flimsiness, demerit, softness, evil, delicateness, languor, vice, strong, unsubstantiality, fault, debilitation, failing, unsoundness, tenuity, weakliness, weak point, wimpishness, villainy, brittleness, asthenia, sin, insubstantiality, fragileness, infirmity, anemia, help, strength, puniness, enormity, fragility, powerlessness.

hardiness, ruggedness, rectitude, health, moxie, muscularity, discipline, merit, virility, self-discipline, mettle, hardihood, virtuousness, righteousness, hardness, probity, lustiness, chutzpah, morality, energy, healthiness, toughness, stoutness, perfection, heftiness, vigor, brawniness, firmness, uprightness, robustness, excellence, sturdiness, wellness, strength, goodness, vitality, fortitude, nerve, rightness, soundness, integrity, huskiness, fitness, resoluteness, virtue, backbone.

Examples of usage:

1) He talked, indeed, as a very garrulous being from another planet might, after a few intensive lessons on human frailty. - "Command", William McFee.

2) Her frailty in this respect was no secret either to herself or her friends.... - "George Eliot", Mathilde Blind.

3) The witnesses are called; and before the first one appears, the lawyer for the defense announces that he has telegraphed for the district physician, for the purpose of obtaining his professional opinion regarding Vetturi's frailty. - "Landolin", Berthold Auerbach.