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Spell check of forevermore

Correct spelling: forevermore

everlastingly, unceasing, continual, continuing, permanently, indefinite, indelibly, always, permanent, e'er, perpetually, aye, endless, unfailing, evermore, unbroken, forever, eternally, continuous.

ne'er, once, never, nevermore.

Examples of usage:

1) Dame Grumble solemnly declared that she had done with journeys forevermore and looked forward to great happiness, now that she was home at last. - "The Green Forest Fairy Book", Loretta Ellen Brady.

2) I've done with vegetable patches forevermore. - "The Green Forest Fairy Book", Loretta Ellen Brady.

3) Forevermore he'd be outcast, if he but hinted that he thought their science was insufficient to capture everything of meaning there. - "Eight Keys to Eden", Mark Irvin Clifton.