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Spell check of field

Correct spelling: field

matter, plot, element, dramatic art, study, area, empyrean, answer, quarter, work, empire, scale, rural, champaign, range, knit, gymnasium, sector, orbital cavity, theatre, airdrome, stretch, business, field of view, survey, field of force, neighborhood, reach, knowledge base, region, cranial orbit, clearing, national, aerodrome, commonweal, turf, playing field, field of study, acreage, fief, waste, amphitheater, battleground, plane, depicted object, celestial sphere, pick up, arena, room, business line, theater of operations, leeway, volume, breadth, electron orbit, circuit, expansion, earth, specialty, written report, lot, ground, earthen, circle, heavens, duchy, field of battle, dimension, scene of action, force field, eye socket, landing field, plain, surface area, extent, cover, world, demesne, kingdom, setting, front, walk, scope, hippodrome, vault of heaven, field of honor, plain stitch, nation, subject field, expanse, house, pastoral, bowl, report, theater, knowledge domain, auditorium, beat, line of business, agrarian, sphere, outdoor, stock, town, battle, municipality, dramaturgy, line, dominion, case, correction, bag, realm, state, issue, locale, sports stadium, colony, fiefdom, dukedom, orbit, airfield, terrain, theme, country, borough, zone, dramatics, bucolic, content, product line, battlefield, district, line of products, city, field of operation, subject, pen, measure, domain, sphere of influence, span, precinct, division, space, discipline, length, department, meadow, barony, locality, plat, compass, retrieve, circus, field of operations, stage, tract, celestial orbit, action, land, parry, line of merchandise, sheet, stadium, cogitation, plateau, respond to, sketch, scene, parcel, branch of knowledge, athletic field, province, ambit, gallery, distance, welkin, knit stitch, canton, territory, county, soil, firmament, Colosseum, playing area, subject area, game, topic, riding, guinea pig, ring, enclosure, place, spread, theatre of operations, agricultural, courtyard, flying field, bailiwick, Shire, catch, hall, campus.

Examples of usage:

1) Yesterday afternoon Fred De Garmo and Polycarp Jenks came into the coulee with a bunch of cattle, and turned all the calves out of the river field with them; and, after a little, they drove the whole lot of them away somewhere- over that way. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

2) Camp on old field. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) Off the big field, ice smaller. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.