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Spell check of felicitous

Correct spelling: felicitous

enjoyable, apt, prosperous, applicable, blissful, well-wishing, suitable, blithesome, possible, delightful, dreamy, merry, buoyant, fitting, dulcet, well-turned, nice, bright, darling, delectable, sweet, satisfying, welcome, pleasing, good, palatable, pleased, rapturous, meet, jocund, heavenly, cheerful, blessed, timely, agreeable, delicious, congenial, grateful, propitious, joyous, pretty, rejoicing, appropriate, pleasurable, auspicious, fitted, cheery, rejoiced, luscious, becoming, blithe, well-chosen, joyful, mirthful, delighted, tailor-made, proper, fortunate, ideal, savory, happy, seasonable, perfect, gratifying, delightsome, expedient, correct, gratulatory, fit, opportune, convenient, befitting, glad, smiling, suited, dexterous, sprightly, successful, sunny, lucky, jolly, cheering, congratulatory, right, tasty.

forbidding, hostile, distasteful, unapt, joyless, dissatisfying, repellent, annoying, unbeseeming, disturbing, intolerable, pleasureless, vexing, incongruous, tragic, misbecoming, insipid, infuriating, upsetting, doleful, unsavory, inapposite, inexpert, unsatisfactory, incorrect, miserable, graceless, awkward, repugnant, dull, rankling, irritating, unskillful, unfitting, heartbreaking, infelicitous, angering, irksome, distressing, incapable, unseemly, sad, unfortunate, regrettable, offensive, incompetent, aggravating, abominable, hateful, incompatible, dismal, clumsy, inappropriate, stale, unwelcome, incensing, bilious, enraging, untrained, unpleasant, hellish, revulsive, ill-chosen, unfit, depressing, disgusting, unpalatable, inept, lugubrious, wretched, horrid, unacceptable, mournful, maddening, lamentable, wrong, flat, tedious, indecent, displeasing, dolorous, detestable, repulsive, exasperating, unsuitable, abhorrent, unmeet, unskilled, lachrymose, uncongenial, unqualified, commonplace, riling, boring, intimidating, disagreeable, peeving, god-awful, inadequate, deplorable, cumbersome, obnoxious, indecorous, odious, inapplicable, improper, perturbing, disheartening, ghastly, malapropos, heartrending, yucky, dreary, unhappy, inflaming, vile, inapt, sorrowful, unbecoming, gloomy, outraging.

Examples of usage:

1) I remember saying to myself that this little terrace was one of those felicitous nooks which the tourist of taste keeps in his mind as a picture. - "Hospital Sketches", Robert Swain Peabody.

2) After that the Evolutionists consider any one quite out of date who does not consider himself entirely satisfied with so felicitous an explanation. - "The Old Riddle and the Newest Answer", John Gerard.

3) Burnbrae gave up the contest in despair, feeling himself that Old Testament allusions were risky, and that Donald's quotation was less than felicitous. - "Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush", Ian Maclaren.