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Spell check of fasten

Correct spelling: fasten

shackle, unzip, attach, blame, string, sew, sterilize, desexualize, shut, restore, desexualise, carry, engage, shutter, weld, release, repair, abut, connect, set, stick, desex, center, procure, batten, pay off, do up, couple, compel, twist, stop up, cling, hold fast, buckle, tack, lock, cradle, hold, cement, touch on, bond, merge, assemble, join, nail, insure, train, jam, determine, close up, limit, seal, ensure, bracket, restrict, relate, juxtapose, get, clasp, zip up, stiffen, wed, tie down, suture, marry, hinge, anchor, latch, rivet, knit, bolt, plug, fixate, impute, tighten, plait, lash, grab, reduce, fix, annex, stay, close off, unsex, tether, tie, glue, lace, constrain, block, bushel, set up, clutch, assure, lodge, chain, ingrain, paste, combine, root, zip, clinch, clamp, oblige, posit, mend, restrain, button, adhere, bed, block off, moor, baste, bend, grapple, close, bind, strengthen, knot, strap, tie up, clip, pin, infix, define, loosen, batten down, entangle, link, hold tight, unbutton, hook, give, pin on, unfasten, place, lock out, splice, guarantee, cook, hold on, solder, move, entrench, furbish up, cinch, fetter, catch, grasp, affix, fuse, ready, belt, tighten up, prepare, focus, pay back, bar, wedge, secure, hang on, keep, weave, barricade, stitch, doctor, make, gear up, stop, grip, embed, assign, harness, situate, specify, braid, hitch, sterilise.

extract, untie, loose, set free, loosen, divide, sever, root, break up, pry, detach, unloosen, dissociate, yank, dissever, part, unfix, disconnect, split, unhook, disjoint, tear, uncouple, separate, free, sunder, disjoin, uproot, prize, wrest, divorce, unlink, unloose, unbind, unfasten, disunite, unyoke, unlash, undo, pull.

Examples of usage:

1) Then, Ayah, fasten it all into one word. - "Son of Power", Will Levington Comfort and Zamin Ki Dost.

2) A man's done fasten him up dyah." - "Two Little Confederates", Thomas Nelson Page.

3) Coal men never do fasten the cellar windows unless there is somebody right there to remind them of it. - "The Doers", William John Hopkins.