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Spell check of faded

Correct spelling: faded

watery, faint, went downhill, worn out, slid, collapsed, irresolute, better, dulled, fagged, shabby, lackluster, mouldered, diminished, lessened, gone downhill, ill-defined, disappeared, bleached, rundown, coloured, downgraded, hidden, used, timid, got worse, languid, evaporated, sank, flied, fled, melted, hid, sunk, scruffy, achromatic, decrepit, down-at-heel, departed, white, tattered, dull, decayed, dilapidated, shoddy, cut, pale, broken-down, regressed, colorless, lapsed, hurt, reverted, ratty, putrefied, half-hearted, light, decreased, vitiated, feeble, fell apart, faint-hearted, weakened, fallen apart, washy, tergiversated, thinned, waned, evanesced, attenuate, washed-out, worn, fatigued, gone, weak, atrophied, colourless, wearied, decaying, exhausted, tacky, wilted, deteriorated, withered, spent, reduced, neutral, pastel, dyed, toneless, dy, attenuated, played out, listless, gotten worse, dingy, went, retrogressed, worsened, indistinct, ebbed, purposeless, dog-tired, hueless, degenerated, faltering, tatty, bedraggled, declined, slumped, slipped, scrubby, dim, shopworn, sleazy, dissolved, worn down, threadbare, vanished, mangy, relapsed, lusterless.

stained, hearty, splashy, varicolored, increased, vivid, clear, deep, strong, colourful, loud, fresh, dark, conspicuous, garish, resolute, brilliant, colored, rainbow, daring, energetic, bright, gaudy, tinted, flashy, multicolored, prismatic, polychrome, motley, rich, sturdy, colorful, vibrant, vigorous, polychromatic, dyed, showy, variegated, painted, tinged, chromatic.

Examples of usage:

1) Deep Harbor faded from us like a conjurer's vision, and the fields, hills and woods became the enchanted reality. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

2) Besides it would be useless labour as the writing must have long since faded. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

3) Indeed, Alison was pleased with the woman's face and manner, though, like many of the small wheat- growers' wives, she looked a little worn and faded. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.