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Spell check of eye

Correct spelling: eye

nerve centre, seeing, verdict, nucleus, bore into, middle, drawstring, capital, omphalos, orb, forked lightning, straight, astuteness, clasp, mind, discernment, bone structure, regard, philia, storm cloud, crease, sight, fix with, light, note, ground zero, shopping mall, take in, spunk, gist, cataract, nexus, look, notions, peep, awareness, countenance, center of attention, peelings, cob, midriff, nerve center, cotton, expression, scrutiny, fondness, preview, seat, dick, mettle, inwardness, pulp, judgment, navel, stare down, peek, essence, pith, glimpse, button, conviction, long face, standpoint, observance, aware, cynosure, nitty-gritty, sum, perceptive, mall, wit, mindfulness, round, perception, center field, bobbin, sentiment, check on, peeper, eagle eye, observant, plaza, pin, careful, spirit, thick, eyeball, sagacity, pinhead, percipience, detective, knowledge, point of view, circle, centre, appreciation, epicenter, cheek, landfall, kernel, heart, mask, belt, perspective, eyesight, chin, complexion, clear-sightedness, acumen, see, band, cognizance, snapper, eye contact, tenderness, advertence, aspect, skin, oculus, blind spot, leer, face, gander, crow's feet, consciousness, nub, viewpoint, angry, chain lightning, glower, shopping centre, examine, substance, glare, double vision, eyelet, belief, vision, sleuth, heart and soul, center, cufflink, central, lightning, loop, fury, midsection, taste, view, gape, observation, grimace, ear, discrimination, shrewdness, outstare, inspect, ticker, glance, cummerbund, pump, look around, nerve, affection, axis, optic, stare, shopping center, investigate, core, notice, warmness, astigmatism, marrow, frown, ring, persuasion, midst, locus, meat, thimble, notion, flesh, lock, braces, gaze, midpoint, gumshoe, keenness, lower, pincushion, hoop, base, ability, sageness, perspicacity, cast, peel, floret, spear, affectionateness, sheet lightning, buckle, nose, bosom, heed, needle, vantage, percipiency, warmheartedness, outlook, cotton reel, meet, focus, advertency, survey, eye socket, edge, binocular vision, perceptiveness, dimple, brow, centerfield, investigator, angle, mecca, hub, feeling.

flash, truth, oeillade, ogle, Irish, scan, glimpse, blink, sight, disregard, neglect, browse, peep, unawareness, obliviousness, stime, glance, fact, peek.

Examples of usage:

1) So the mere uplifting of the eye to the brazen serpent was enough to show that the Israelite believed God's word, and expected healing. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

2) She wondered if Constance had received hers, and, when her new friend returned from class, Marjorie managed to catch her eye and question her by means of a sign language known only to schoolgirls. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

3) It is the eye. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.