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Spell check of european

Correct spelling: european

Latvian, Macedonian, Russian, Caucasian, Estonian, Gypsy, Lap, African, Scandinavian, Ionian, Eurasian, Frank, Catalan, Eurocentric, Hellenic, Florentine, Icelandic, African-Caribbean, Lappish, Iberian, Spartan, Cornish, Thracian, Aboriginal, Eurafrican, Maltese, Etruscan, Gothic, Norwegian, Latin, Afro-Caribbean, allophone, Scotch, Byelorussian, the EEC, Hungarian, Irish, Galician, Magyar, Old World, Gallic, Danish, Slavic, Saxon, French, Gaulish, Sardinian, Illyrian, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Low German, Hispanic, Cretan, Yugoslavian, Swedish, Romance, Tyrolese, Belgian, Corsican, Polish, Romanic, Albanian, Nordic, Alaska Native, Ulster, American, Prussian, Alsatian, Savoyard, the CAP, Slovak, Norman, Welsh, Czech, Peloponnesian, Bosnian, Afghan, the EC, EFTA, Dutch, Bavarian, Italian, Romanian, Anglo, Kentish, Scotsman, Monegasque, Lombard, EMU, Australian, Roman, Finnish, Arab, Slovakian, Serbo-Croat, Asian, Armenian, Slav, Baltic, Brussels, Sicilian, Serbian, Spanish, the EEA, British, German, Indo-European, Euro-, Balkan, Athenian, Afrikaner, Aegean, Greek, English, Navarrese, Venetian, Uralic, Corinthian, Adriatic, Anglo-Saxon, Frankish, Austro-Hungarian, Bohemian, Italic, Andalusian, Ukranian, Swiss, Alpine, Teutonic, Irish Gaelic, Afghanistani, Scottish Gaelic, Croatian, Neapolitan, Germanic, Flemish, classical, Lithuanian, High German, Castilian, Asiatic, Aborigine, Romany, Breton, Muscovite, Apennine, the EU, Basque, Scots, Tuscan, Arabism, Scottish, Czechoslovakian, Majorcan, old country, Western.

Examples of usage:

1) " Many of them," he said, " will fall not far off; many will be stopped by the mountains, but let only one of them fly to the coast and fall into European hands- then we are saved." - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) We have seen something which the eyes of no European have ever seen. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

3) But don't pull any of that European stuff here. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.