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Spell check of dugout

Correct spelling: dugout

ferry, catamaran, longboat, dugout canoe, gunboat, motorboat, kayak, gondola, lifeboat, canoe, cover, sampan, dory, foxhole, bark, watercraft, cutter, barge, dinghy, pontoon, boat, tugboat, freighter, battleship, harbor, submarine, scull, scow, galley, hydrofoil, sailboat, ocean liner, bateau, vessel, skiff, cellar, schooner, aircraft carrier, speedboat, rowboat, haven, cabin cruiser, merchantman, sanctuary, tanker, asylum, trap, yacht, shelter, destroyer, burrow, pirogue, fishing boat, trawler, icebreaker, sand trap, cruiser, refuge, hideout, houseboat, frigate, bunker, steamboat, ship, raft, liner, hulk.

Examples of usage:

1) Cindy walked down the steps into their dugout, banged a pan up and down two or three times to make Alec think she was working, and lay down on her bed. - "We Were There at the Oklahoma Land Run", James Arthur Kjelgaard.

2) It is a dugout, and, as its name implies, is built half in the ground. - "In the Brooding Wild", Ridgwell Cullum.

3) Below the dugout, and beyond the valley, lie countless lesser hills, set so closely that their divisions are lost in one smooth, dark expanse of forest. - "In the Brooding Wild", Ridgwell Cullum.