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Spell check of disordered

Correct spelling: disordered

dislocated, tempestuous, confounded, impoverished, blurry, churned, order, blurred, unruly, detached, rumpled, mad, littered, jumbled, disjointed, rippled, fermented, upside-down, dotty, anarchical, inexact, scrubby, sloppy, riffled, wrong, mussed, ill, humiliated, separated, at sea, messed, evanesced, daft, frenzied, uncombed, shifted, swirled, brainsick, irregular, disarranged, loco, uneven, misplaced, baffled, daffy, gaga, hugger-mugger, anarchistic, mussy, bonkers, unwell, unconnected, broke up, displaced, staccato, distraught, wild, obscure, distressed, lost, nutty, convulsed, disintegrated, crushed, fragmented, jolted, disconnected, diffracted, tumbled, confused, infectious, buggy, formless, inchoate, mentally ill, rugged, radiated, muddled, roughened, maniacal, humbled, deformed, tumultuous, overturned, failing, sane, pell-mell, upset, unlogical, shuffled, unkept, crazy, demented, unranked, dispersed, sick, moonstruck, disorganized, mixed-up, screwy, moved, out of hand, mixed up muddled, out of control, anyhow, garbled, cracked, nuts, insane, disbursed, broken, abrupt, tampered, indistinct, scrambled, chaotic, dissolved, hashed, mazed, unfit, maniac, deranged, undisciplined, diffused, fruity, tousled, out of place, non compos mentis, scattered, illogical, broken in, wacky, disunited, unsettled, fuzzy, lawless, botched, unbalanced, shapeless, busted, split, worried, amorphous, diverged, evaporated, discombobulated, bananas, cluttered, broken up, whisked, off, unsound, inconsistent, doled, bemused, whipped, unhealthy, agitated, higgledy-piggledy, perturbed, straggly, disquieted, meddled, stirred up, indefinite, crackers, lax, disorganised, rolled, mislaid, roiled, batty, disturbed, topsy-turvy, cuckoo, lunatic, rambunctious, unordered, jarred, removed, embroiled, rummaged, incoherent, disheveled, wiped out, ungraded, distributed, bewildered, low, worse, discomposed, upturned, frail, befuddled, molested, disorderly, loose, frantic, helter-skelter, unkempt, tangled, messy, untidy, capsized, tampered with, troubled, disoriented, ruffled, loony, disarrayed, tossed, touched, fragile, refracted.

coherent, cleaned, meticulous, crisp, hygienic, immaculate, fussy, sequential, antiseptic, unsullied, systematic, combed, cleanly, kempt, regular, stainless, serial, organized, spotless, methodical, wholesome, shipshape, systematized, fastidious, neat, untainted, uncluttered, bandbox, unpolluted, careful, finicky, tidied, well-ordered, spick-and-span, trim, ordered, tidy, orderly, consistent, logical, successive, undefiled, sparkling, neatened, sequent, unsoiled, taintless, progressive, well-groomed, consecutive, snug, manicured, groomed, clean.

Examples of usage:

1) She walked to the dressing bureau and secured the roll with pins, and then proceeded to smooth the folds of her disordered dress. - "Her Mother's Secret", Emma D. E. N. Southworth.

2) Perhaps he grinned so much that he quite disordered his features, for he found Rollins looking at him curiously as though wondering as to his sanity. - "The Crimson Sweater", Ralph Henry Barbour.

3) The Doctor was smiling broadly, Mrs. Emery was waving a diminutive banner and Harry was dancing and shrieking, her red hair floating in disordered wisps about her face. - "The Crimson Sweater", Ralph Henry Barbour.