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Spell check of disintegrate

Correct spelling: disintegrate

flatten, wreck, crush, cut, dissect, remove, mull, mortify, pare, incise, sublimate, evaporate, disengage, putrefy, fester, put together, split, spoil, halve, disassociate, gasify, empty, break, rupture, scatter, disconnect, raze, beat, uncouple, axe, dismantle, distribute, sunder, better, diffuse, mill, level, disaffiliate, bray, crumble, eradicate, fragment, evanesce, disappear, unhinge, moulder, detach, slice, smash, fall apart, divide, bisect, devastate, fracture, part, rip, vaporize, amputate, disunite, perish, radiate, comminute, dole, decay, decompose, disperse, desolate, atomize, rend, mold, thrive, disorganize, disband, vacate, dilapidate, shatter, degenerate, pulverize, alienate, break down, tear down, diverge, foul, mow down, exterminate, erode, divorce, excise, grind, break up, ventilate, pound, disjoin, turn, destroy, distill, abolish, separate, deteriorate, segregate, help, cleave, anatomize, corrupt, sever, continue, molder, extirpate, decimate, demolish, lay waste, refract, nullify, disorder, estrange, taint, disburse, bulldoze, unite, disassemble, rot, fumigate, dissolve, fragmentize, insulate, aerate, dislocate, wear away, annihilate, disarticulate, dissociate.

cleanse, integrate, grow, assemble, improve, renew, develop, age, purify, refresh, restore, compose, meliorate, better, ripen, incorporate, mature, ameliorate.

Examples of usage:

1) Cal wondered whether the orders to disintegrate had been a bluff. - "Eight Keys to Eden", Mark Irvin Clifton.

2) Would the attorney general have dared disintegrate a ship with even a Junior E on board? - "Eight Keys to Eden", Mark Irvin Clifton.

3) But we do have one thing in common, a synthetic nervous system which, if you were killed, would begin to disintegrate slowly and painfully. - "Tangle Hold", F. L. Wallace.