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Spell check of dish

Correct spelling: dish

ravioli, lulu, soup, ten, steady, dinner service, CRT, deal, egg roll, course, mete out, sex symbol, function, foodstuff, camera, DAB, chicken soup, burrito, hit, spring roll, eggs, serve, lot, grip, peanut butter sandwich, peach, dish antenna, dessert, platter, scuttlebutt, quiche, egg, meal, assist, cutlet, talk, helping, bagful, pocketbook, main course, purse, showstopper, hard boiled eggs, beauty, omelette, food, ragout, dish out, disc, lasagne, swear out, eye candy, cooking, hot stuff, violator, wait on, specialty, beaut, pizza, macaroni, discus, sandwich, hors d'oeuvre, buzz, kayo, couscous, saucer, preparation, Irish stew, base, cup of tea, dishful, spaghetti, crocks, antenna, fried eggs, decoder, flapjacks, entree, canteen, word, cutie, nutrition, casserole, croquette, enchilada, udder, sex object, mixing bowl, administer, salad, glamour-puss, dole out, stew, viewer, pancakes, dish aerial, pie, fox, looker, distribute, vessel, soft boiled eggs, watcher, yellowish pink, do, parcel out, crockery, communications satellite, pottery, report, suitcase, debaucher, jambalaya, shell out, service, handbag, stir fry, serve well, peach tree, container, taco, punch bowl, side dish, boiled eggs, meat loaf, dispense, tortellini, serving, cathode ray tube, nourishment, stunner, hamburger, finger bowl, cue card, plate, dishes, recipe, scrambled eggs, crepe, pasta, bowl, deal out, china, cup, dumpling, tattle, chili con carne, dreamboat, sweetheart, attend, ravisher, sustenance, cruet, gossip, salmon pink, bang, clock radio, talent, cannelloni, old bag, suffice, macaroni and cheese, bag, truelove, cutlery, attend to, help, groceries, fondue, bone china, leftovers, salver, disk, fare, sweetie, strike, earthenware, chicken-fried steak, traveling bag, babe, goulash, hottie, knockout, mantrap, aerial, smash, doll, noise, allot, smasher, tomato soup, witness, apricot, hearsay, process, dish up, answer, chow mein, spectator, poached eggs, ramekin, serve up.


Examples of usage:

1) The door of the room they were approaching opened, and a man- servant came out with a covered dish in his hand. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

2) He instructed Pritchard to prepare meal after meal of every possible dish that our empty stomachs had craved for a year. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) I had already tasted this dish at San Francisco, and found it on both occasions delicious. - "A Lady's Captivity among Chinese Pirates in the Chinese Seas", Fanny Loviot.