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Spell check of demented

Correct spelling: demented

macabre, scatty, ill, nauseated, diminished responsibility, loony tunes, ghastly, non compos mentis, sickish, cuckoo, dotty, unbalanced, ridiculous, gaga, sick of, hysterical, depressed, upset, cranky, batty, irrational, ludicrous, wud, frantic, bedlam, wild, screwball, distressed, daffy, unrestrained, around the bend, pale, bipolar, babbling, imbalanced, crazed, frenzied, unhinged, insane, daft, crack-brained, distraught, disgusted, crazy, wan, brain-sick, blithering, confused, distracted, childish, mental, barmy, meshuga, mad, wacky, cracked, feverish, schizoid, psycho, grim, nuts, berserk, lunatic, disturbed, silly, fruity, deranged, pallid, wacko, gruesome, bemused, maniacal, bats, certifiable, laughable, sane, buggy, of unsound mind, bananas, off, maladjusted, mentally ill, excited, harebrained, loony, softheaded, worried, sick, moonstruck, maniac, crackbrained, neurotic, haywire, sore, bonkers, disquieted, touched, half-baked, bughouse, tired of, crackpot, screwy, grisly, unsound, fed up, loco, delirious, nutty, over-the-top, balmy, kooky, brainsick, huffy, crackers, disordered, psychotic, wrong, queasy, nauseous.

healthy, reasonable, normal, rational, wise, compos mentis, judicious, unneurotic, sane, lucid, sound, balanced, clear, sensible, well-adjusted.

Examples of usage:

1) But though it was in his blood, it never blinded his sense of literary values or restrained his sallies at the expense of his demented fellows. - "Eugene Field, A Study In Heredity And Contradictions", Slason Thompson.

2) The man probably took me for a poor demented female; how could he think otherwise down here in his little valley, where not a sound of gun and shell had penetrated as yet? - "My Home In The Field of Honor", Frances Wilson Huard.

3) " The man's demented," retorted his wife, " not to ken the hind foot of a hare when he sees it!" - "The Scottish Fairy Book", Elizabeth W. Grierson.