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Spell check of cutlet

Correct spelling: cutlet

flesh, liver, frankfurter, ham, turkey, Canadian bacon, filet mignon, cut, fillet, tenderloin, veal, chicken, escallop, crenelle, mutton, roast, ribs, brisket, sausage, scollop, crenel, hot dog, meat loaf, ground beef, smoked sausage, rump roast, chop, bacon, T-bone steak, kidney, pot roast, croquette, spareribs, crenature, hamburger, loin chop, sirloin, egg, couscous, dumpling, flank, fritter, patty, ham hock, chump, poultry, tripe, casserole, pork, crepe, chuck steak, crenation, sirloin steak, wiener, galette, pork chop, meat, lamb chop, lamb, minute steak, chicken-fried steak, beefsteak, roast beef, meat pie, porterhouse steak, chili con carne, corn dog, scallop, chuck, beef, dish, venison.

Examples of usage:

1) He helped himself to a cutlet, and as he poured the Harvey's sauce over it, it was plain to see that he was not thinking of what was before him, but employed in another and different direction. - "That Boy Of Norcott's", Charles James Lever.

2) Kitty Windus, in her blue foulard, with a cutlet- frill about her thin neck, graciously consented to the level of those who had not a pound a week on their own; Miriam Levey, in a maroon pinafore- frock with broad braces over her shoulders, instantly put every simple blouse in the room at its ease. - "The Story of Louie", Oliver Onions.

3) " Well, Tom, I'm yours; but I should prefer your dining with me; I am at Bilton's; we'll have our cutlet quite alone, and-" " And be heartily sick of each other, you were going to add. - "The Confessions of Harry Lorrequer, Complete", Charles James Lever (1806-1872).