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Spell check of Cunningness

Correct spelling: Cunningness

cheating, brilliance, dissimulation, deviousness, slickness, cozenage, double-dealing, wit, comedy, duplicity, guilefulness, fakery, ingeniousness, finesse, dissembling, canniness, urbanity, subtlety, scurrility, sophistry, facility, intellect, dishonesty, foxiness, crookery, deftness, shrewdness, deceptiveness, fraud, drollness, artifice, humor, caginess, resourcefulness, trickiness, artfulness, craftiness, guile, irony, slyness, quickness, dupery, cleverness, scintillation, deception, craft, deceitfulness, adroitness, sharpness, wiliness, subtleness, inventiveness, sneakiness, astuteness, cunning, crookedness.

frankness, guilelessness, goodness, truthfulness, sincerity, solidity, plainspokenness, trustworthiness, incorruptibility, openness, reliability, plainness, virtuousness, directness, reliableness, dependability, good faith, righteousness, trustability, probity, honesty, candidness, forthrightness, candor, artlessness, uprightness, ingenuousness, trustiness, decency, integrity.

Examples of usage:

1) In return for instruction Fionn had taken over the service of his master's hut, and as he went about the household duties, drawing the water, lighting the fire, and carrying rushes for the floor and the beds, he thought over all the poet had taught him, and his mind dwelt on the rules of metre, the cunningness of words, and the need for a clean, brave mind. - "Irish Fairy Tales", James Stephens.

2) Though she continued to pit her wits against the secret cunningness of the dreaded old man, Soosie was often preoccupied, seeming to regard herself as one not primarily concerned. - "Tropic Days", E. J. Banfield.

3) The cunningness and zeal with which they enforce individual rights in property may be cited in connection with a food tree. - "The Confessions of a Beachcomber", E J Banfield.