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Spell check of crazies

Correct spelling: crazies


Examples of usage:

1) You can't tell what that bunch of crazies would be wanting you to do next thing with false whiskers and no right pants. - "Ruggles of Red Gap", Harry Leon Wilson.

2) We were talking about the people I'd met when I was doing my missionary work, the stone crazies who I'd have to chase away after they'd rejoined the Bitchun Society. - "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom", Cory Doctorow.

3) They are also known as " Bublicans," " Meadowbrights," " Crazies," " Christ's Eyes," " Bull's Eyes," " May Blobs," " Drunkards," " Water Caltrops," and wild " Batchelor's Buttons." - "Herbal Simples Approved for Modern Uses of Cure", William Thomas Fernie.