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Spell check of crave

Correct spelling: crave

pray, lust, sigh, beseech, thirst, desiderate, wish, ache, hope, claim, long, yen, desire, pine, petition, conjure, expect, appeal, aspire, entreat, salivate, want, repine, order, plead, need, pant, require, solicit, implore, ask for, starve, hanker, beg, look for, ask, covet, insist on something, grasp, hunger, itch, jones, sue, demand, welcome, fancy, invite, die, famish, lust after, supplicate, yearn, request.

decline, execrate, detest, claim, enforce, refuse, despise, abhor, insist, loathe, reject, deny, hate, command, spurn, exact, extort, abominate.

Examples of usage:

1) With you by my side, there is nothing else that I crave in this world or the next. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.

2) No difference what I crave, you supply it before I have time to worry because of the lack of it. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.

3) Walk by faith, and not by sight, or positive perception of the good you crave. - "Letters of Madam Guyon", P. L. Upham.