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Spell check of cranky

Correct spelling: cranky

churlish, hot-tempered, petty, pestering, nutty, idiosyncratic, testy, bunglesome, snarky, scratchy, galling, snappy, cumbrous, crabby, peckish, tippy, rough, recalcitrant, fruity, snappish, snippety, quick-tempered, gaga, demented, acid, nervous, emotional, screwy, fretful, mad, cantankerous, weird, way-out, balmy, unusual, perverse, unhinged, bedlam, kinky, warm, loony, moonstruck, unhandy, brittle, wild, teasing, caustic, excitable, clumsy, vexatious, out-of-the-way, mean, attitude, nasty, psycho, psychotic, prickly, bothersome, bearish, wacko, clunky, crusty, unsound, brainsick, funny, singular, lunatic, bitter, untoughened, bonkers, combustible, fiery, petulant, eccentric, nettlesome, unbalanced, unstable, spotty, sore, bizarre, raspy, bughouse, grumpy, remarkable, unnatural, snippy, plaguy, querulous, peculiar, abrasive, cross, daffy, crazed, sour, ponderous, wud, edgy, acrimonious, cuckoo, high-strung, crackers, fractious, peevish, queerish, ratty, crackpot, haywire, curious, tender, crank, loony tunes, offbeat, choleric, unwieldy, meshuga, mental, deranged, spiteful, maniacal, irritating, volatile, surly, quaint, irritable, raw, weirdo, cracked, touchy, irascible, pettish, grouchy, sensitive, ungainly, outlandish, tetchy, crotchety, kooky, crabbed, huffy, strange, acerbic, stormy, certifiable, tempestuous, volcanic, usual, pesky, screwball, crazy, short-tempered, barmy, passionate, ill-tempered, erratic, daft, lovesome, bizarro, techy, ugly, refractory, gravelly, off-the-wall, wacky, ardent, plaguey, freakish, bats, fond, disagreeable, stuffy, waspish, vexing, rum, crackbrained, spaced-out, outré, off-kilter, odd, rummy, pestiferous, batty, uneven, funky, fragile, impulsive, ill-natured, non compos mentis, bad-tempered, grating, affectionate, reckless, tart, rasping, awkward, far-out, loco, explosive, annoying, scatty, nuts, bellicose, quirky, rash.

expected, common, healthy, patient, clear, wise, everyday, genial, good-natured, well-adjusted, rational, typical, run-of-the-mill, normal, standard, functional, laid-back, stable, good-humored, knee-jerk, unneurotic, amiable, conservative, customary, balanced, reasonable, well-disposed, uncomplaining, companionable, cordial, friendly, agreeable, obliging, average, stoic, extroverted, useful, affable, forbearing, serviceable, habitual, workaday, practicable, gregarious, compos mentis, prosaic, judicious, lucid, conformist, frequent, unremarkable, garden, sound, happy-go-lucky, sensible, ordinary, regular, relaxed, carefree, sweet, handy, sane, routine, complaisant, conventional, good-tempered, understanding, commonplace, gracious, outgoing, predictable, usual, practical, tolerant, accommodating, easygoing, wonted, familiar, sociable, unexceptional, long-suffering.

Examples of usage:

1) The baby of the family that he was, he had been pulled out of a cranky woman tired of having children and responsibilities. - "Corpus of a Siam Mosquito", Steven Sills.

2) And so to- night as he seated himself upon the cranky chair, and drew the bow across the strings, the old mystic spell swept over his soul. - "If Any Man Sin", H. A. Cody.

3) I've just been looking you over, Peter; you are getting old and wrinkled and pretty soon you'll be as cranky as the rest of them, and there will be no living with you. - "Peter A Novel of Which He is Not the Hero", F. Hopkinson Smith.