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Spell check of corroborate

Correct spelling: corroborate

nourish, indorse, affirm, swear, patronage, endorse, realize, stand, prove, warrant, nurture, hold up, testify, exhibit, incarnate, body forth, settle, realise, sanction, establish, fix, validate, attest, stick out, underpin, strengthen, set down, vouch, submit, witness, observe, patronize, formalize, avow, ratify, proclaim, express, confirm, acknowledge, assert, back up, keep going, true, pledge, contend, adjure, digest, evidence, put up, shore, state, illustrate, reinforce, aver, abide, vindicate, bolster, tolerate, endure, plump for, adduce, argue, maintain, subscribe, justify, fend for, depose, exemplify, substantiate, determine, pronounce, verify, actualise, formalise, betoken, certify, avouch, profess, reassert, admit, bear, demonstrate, claim, hold, stomach, bear out, get, assure, document, defend, actualize, authenticate, uphold, keep up, approve, evince, swan, brook, suffer, embody, buttress, sustain, back, declare, patronise, indicate, accept, keep, connote, prolong, manifest, show, plunk for, promise, propound, support, have.

contest, contradict, gainsay, cancel, refute, disprove, console, upset, shake, annul, rebut, deny, weaken, disavow, question, destroy, disclaim, undermine, condole with, overthrow, unsettle, dispute, shatter, abrogate, undercut, negate, challenge.

Examples of usage:

1) Being astonished by the account of a hearse and mourning coaches traversing the whole distance from Dover to Clevedon, and employing sixteen horses for the journey, I ventured to ask the late Sir A. H. Elton, if he could corroborate the report, and he replied: I think there may have been some truth in the statement of the old sexton. - "A Key to Lord Tennyson's 'In Memoriam'", Alfred Gatty.

2) " You can corroborate what I say," said Mr. Marsh. - "Command", William McFee.

3) Gideon Rolfe inclined his head as if to corroborate this, then he said: " Will you come inside, madam, and partake of some refreshment?" - "Only One Love, or Who Was the Heir", Charles Garvice.