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Spell check of consecrate

Correct spelling: consecrate

grade, intrust, give, have, admire, govern, enjoin, celebrate, leave, ordinate, coordinate, tell, dedicate, enact, kick in, regulate, yield, pass on, chip in, pull, return, anoint, prescribe, ease up, arrange, place, invest, contribute, votive, pass, sanctify, impart, trust, present, give way, collapse, regularize, revere, render, vow, range, anthem, commit, rank, perpetrate, put, purify, turn over, deify, venerate, hallowed, align, hand, sacrifice, contemplation, ordained, regularise, sign, send, entrust, the Book of Common Prayer, purge, sacred, glorify, hallow, baptise, reach, institutionalise, pay, fall in, throw, sacrosanct, apply, break, worship, ceremony, ordain, blessing, consecrated, celebrant, grant, call down, devote, founder, baptize, make, practice, idolize, catechism, benediction, cave in, sanctified, generate, move over, dedicated, confide, circumcision, feed, blessed, open, charge, circumcise, establish, confession, dictate, baptism, rate, say, bless, afford, sacral, adore, gift, order, amen, set up, religion, institutionalize, hold.

desecrated, secular, nonreligious, profane, worldly, desecrate, earthly, unhallowed, temporal, mundane, unhallow, deconsecrate, deconsecrated, unconsecrated, unspiritual.

Examples of usage:

1) He alone had the right to enter the inner space of the sanctuary, the cell in which stood the ark of the covenant- the other priests could enter the outer space only; he alone could offer sacrifice in the name of the whole people, he alone could announce the will and oracle of Jehovah, and consecrate the priests. - "The History of Antiquity, Vol. II (of VI)", Max Duncker.

2) In whose blood shall I dip this body to make it consecrate? - "The Three Heron's Feathers", Hermann Sudermann.

3) I felt that he would not have died if he had been treated properly; the connection was obscure but powerful enough to consecrate me to the healing profession. - "Rose of Dutcher's Coolly", Hamlin Garland.