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Spell check of concept

Correct spelling: concept

picture, fantasy, idea, premise, fancy, faith, pattern, basis, conjecture, construct, question, observation, theorem, paradigm, image, assumption, matter, ideation, belief, issue, supposition, cogitation, intellection, mind's eye, creation, statement, commitment, perception, ideal, judgment, assertion, archetype, point, conceit, inkling, purpose, thought, apprehension, stereotype, brainstorm, essay, thoughts, presumption, dissertation, impression, query, inference, opinion, innovation, argument, theory, axiom, design, hypothesis, topic, position, subject, text, excogitation, inspiration, exposition, thesis, theme, imagination, invention, consideration, plan, generality, contention, postulation, problem, vision, principle, notion, abstraction, model, philosophy, sentiment, conception, reflection, motif.

actuality, misconception, reality, fact, substance.

Examples of usage:

1) Dirrul said slowly, feeling for words that would express the idea as he felt it, When I was in the center of the galaxy, looking out on space, I almost grasped a new concept but I lost it when the Agronian patrol attacked me. - "The Instant of Now", Irving E. Cox, Jr..

2) If intuition is mingled with intellectual concepts appearing in a philosophical or scientific work, why not then say that the intuitive quality disappears and becomes part of the intellectual concept and that the scientific or philosophic work becomes a work of intuition or a work of art as a whole? - "The Literature of Ecstasy", Albert Mordell.

3) Iversen would have been glad to see Harkaway make good, too, only such a concept seemed utterly beyond the bounds of possibility. - "Once a Greech", Evelyn E. Smith.