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Spell check of comedown

Correct spelling: comedown

plunge, come out, beggar, descent, flameout, bankrupt, cold turkey, addiction, slope, down, descend, fall, slip, ascent, clean, grade, Götterdämmerung, drop, blow, abuse, rise, acquire, climb, demise, dependence, failure, downfall, disestablish, crackhouse, decline, slide, crack den, downgrade, bust, defeat.

ascent, rise, headway, heyday, progress, up, advance, flower, aggrandizement, exaltation, prime.

Examples of usage:

1) When you told me about him, in your kind way, I thought he was just what I was looking for, but when you fetched him to me that day at Carlton it was an awful comedown. - "Dixie Hart", Will N. Harben.

2) They say it is fine and homelike there, but it will surely be some comedown after Rue Brea. - "Molly Brown's Orchard Home", Nell Speed.

3) It was a comedown from cloudland, and was the first little rift within the lute. - "The Heart of Denise and Other Tales", S. (Sidney) Levett-Yeats.