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Spell check of clef

Correct spelling: clef

andante, bar line, allegro, bar, con brio, arr., bass clef, con amore, adagio.

Examples of usage:

1) The young man, becoming instantly aware of the impropriety of his action, resigned himself to fate and Sandy, and recovered self- possession in time to close the interrupted line with two or three of the deepest notes in the bass clef. - "The Settler and the Savage", R.M. Ballantyne.

2) Miss Ellenborough presided at the doughnuts and Mrs. G. Clef poured. - "The So-called Human Race", Bert Leston Taylor.

3) At the close of the lecture Miss Ellenborough gave us a surprise in the way of raised doughnuts made in the form of a G clef. - "The So-called Human Race", Bert Leston Taylor.