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Spell check of cede

Correct spelling: cede

drop out, dispense with, resign, transfer, lay down, cough up, concur, fork up, cast off, give, forsake, fork out, generate, soften, vacate, forswear, move over, grant, rescue, surrender, deport, birth, kowtow, abjure, knuckle under, genuflect, concede, give birth, yield, pay, leave, make over, observe, assign, retract, give way, respect, cave, render, obey, give up, renounce, present, extradite, afford, depart from, step aside, profess, help, convey, bow, assent, succumb, agree, buckle under, allot, recant, ease up, pitch, alien, capitulate, throw in the towel, abdicate, quitclaim, sign over, fulfill, comply, discontinue, defer, lavish, deed, keep, law, drive home, bear, relinquish, give in, part with, abandon, demit, conform, have, acquiesce, quit, forego, lay off, award, free, save, turn in, waive, consent, turn over, accord, fork over, forgo, fall by the wayside, distribute, contribute, confess, step down, hand over, relent, release, kick, deliver, deed over, drop by the wayside, alienate, cease, stop, spare, bend, abnegate, throw in, throw overboard, redeem, allow, repudiate, hand, return, accept, adhere, forfeit, desert, submit, chuck up the sponge.

confiscate, protect, occupy, assert, advocate, maintain, support, secure, expropriate, usurp, pursue, cherish, defend, keep, seize, claim, appropriate, assume, favor, safeguard, wrest, hold, prosecute, adopt, uphold, haunt, vindicate, retain, undertake, arrogate, court, take over, withhold, seek, guard.

Examples of usage:

1) Again we paused- He perceived my terrors were too violent to cede to any efforts of supposed reason. - "Anna St. Ives", Thomas Holcroft.

2) Our duties to society must not cede to any effeminate compassion for ourselves. - "Anna St. Ives", Thomas Holcroft.

3) The Mississippi was now discovered, the English colonists were in conflict with the French, here in America, and the New World was becoming too desirable a possession for Louis to be willing to cede his share without a struggle; and thus came the expense of fighting the English in that far land which was at least thirty days' sail away. - "The Tapestry Book", Helen Churchill Candee.