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Spell check of caginess

Correct spelling: caginess

intelligence, craft, cunningness, keenness, hardheadedness, wiliness, slickness, guilefulness, sharpness, sneakiness, artifice, artfulness, slyness, wit, canniness, shrewdness, subtleness, foxiness, subtlety, guile, clear-sightedness, knowingness, deviousness, astuteness, craftiness.

foolishness, artlessness, unsophistication, greenness, witlessness, guilelessness, simplemindedness, unworldliness, fatuity, slowness, simplicity, ingenuousness, senselessness, naïveté, oafishness, density, brainlessness, vacuity, dopiness, stupidness, obtuseness, stupidity, innocence, mindlessness, simpleness, naiveness, doltishness, dumbness.

Examples of usage:

1) The interpreter turned to Sergeant Madden and spoke with vast dignity and caginess: " When do you r- require an answer?" - "A Matter of Importance", William Fitzgerald Jenkins.