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Spell check of caftans

Correct spelling: caftans

dressing gowns, kimonos, kilts, capes, pillboxes, shawls, wraps, pants, berets, raincoats, panties, petticoats, sweat shirts, nightgowns, tunics, bathrobes, fedoras, slickers, blazers, pajamas, bonnets, sweaters, topcoats, windbreakers, jumpers, gowns, sports coats, shorts, saris, pull-overs, furs, pea coats, evening gowns, blouses, jackets, slacks, coats, habits, sarongs, scarves, apparels, parkas, duds, t-shirts, tuxedoes, trimmings, wrappers, chemises, hats, Afghans, smoking jackets, jerseys, doublets, skirts, housecoats, ponchos, brassieres, shirts, garbs, greatcoats, costumes, camisoles, sweat suits, bowlers, mackintoshes, boots, Stetsons, outfits, turtle-necks, v-necks, smocks, dresses, vestments, stockings, suits, overcoats, trousers, trench coats, crinolines, frocks, blue jeans, pyjamas, robes, headdresses, halters, corsets, garments, dinner jackets, pinafores, shoes, vestures, cloaks, burnooses, ensembles.

Examples of usage:

1) As the Tsar sat upon the throne supported by mechanical lions which roared at intervals, he was guarded by young nobles with high caps of white fur, wearing long caftans of white satin and armed with silver hatchets. - "A Short History of Russia", Mary Platt Parmele.

2) The throne was guarded by young nobles called ryndis, dressed in long caftans of white satin, high caps of white fur, and carrying silver hatchets. - "The Story of Russia", R. Van Bergen.