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Spell check of cade

Correct spelling: cade


Examples of usage:

1) But we must have no more Horace, lest our readers exclaim, with Jack Cade, Away with him! - "A Cotswold Village", J. Arthur Gibbs.

2) This honour belongs surely to Jack Cade whom Shakespeare speaks of as the " headstrong Kentish man John Cade of Ashford," and who, according to the poet, if headstrong, proved in the end so feeble- minded that in Shakespeare's play we might seem to have a picture of one suffering from general paralysis of the insane. - "England of My Heart--Spring", Edward Hutton.

3) Jack Cade, however, was, as we are beginning to realise, a much greater and more significant figure than Shakespeare allows us to see. - "England of My Heart--Spring", Edward Hutton.