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Spell check of butternuts

Correct spelling: butternuts

coconuts, balsams, lemons, mulberries, avocados, peanuts, citrons, figs, gums, horse chestnuts, peaches, weeping willows, quinces, mangroves, tamaracks, elms, locusts, sycamores, firs, lindens, beechnuts, apples, cashews, cherries, ashes, pears, nuts, willows, banyans, cedars, elders, almonds, maples, apricots, teaks, cottonwoods, filberts, alders, dogwoods, sandalwoods, junipers, pistachios, oaks, ironwoods, birches, papayas, limes, mahoganies, breadfruits, ebonies, Brazil nuts, eucalyptuses, spruces, laurels, rosewoods, mimosas, pecans, pines, aspens, trees, larches, redwoods, poplars, beeches, cassias, hazels, yews, balsas, hickories, mountain ashes, palms, hazelnuts, oranges, walnuts, acacias, chestnuts, pine nuts, cypresses, sequoias, acorns, magnolias.

Examples of usage:

1) A Colfax of St. Louis in butternuts and rawhide boots? - "The Crisis, Volume 6", Winston Churchill.

2) The blue jay is often busy hours at a time in the fall, planting chestnuts and acorns, and red squirrels carry butternuts and walnuts far from the parent trees, and place them in forked limbs and holes for future use. - "Ways of Nature", John Burroughs.

3) Walnuts and butternuts, on the contrary, were to be knocked down with well- aimed clubs; hazelnuts to be stripped from the bushes; and beech- nuts to be shaken down by a bold and practised climber. - "The Adventures of Bobby Orde", Stewart Edward White.