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Spell check of bushel

Correct spelling: bushel

gobs, profusion, abundance, multiplicity, restore, mend, cook, bear on, rectify, rejuvenate, repair, indemnify, mess, pay back, renovate, fasten, bushel basket, situate, washbasket, relate, plentitude, revive, quart, gill, pint, come to, carload, clothes hamper, get, yard, volume, touch, hamper, remediate, mountain, million, milliliter, remedy, fixate, chunk, raft, recreate, store, reconstruct, define, wealth, set up, much, reams, furbish up, desexualize, desex, centigram, jillion, quantity, amend, unsex, cup, shipload, tablespoon, gallon, BMI, reinstate, big, passel, carat, sight, potful, slew, wad, regenerate, resort, dozen, ct., sterilize, trillion, compensate, liter, basket, zillion, scad, pertain, sophisticate, limit, ready, cu., finger, teaspoon, ton, pay off, doctor, reanimate, spate, sheaf, revivify, desexualise, touch on, gob, bundle, prepare, bassinet, hogshead, gear up, myriad, boatload, peck, heap, area, bear upon, affect, good deal, barrel, secure, decaliter, lashings, determine, hundred, oodles, are, refer, load, pile, make, magnum, bucket, ounce, pack, specify, deal, fistful, reestablish, truckload, restitute, cord, plenty, posit, ream, cubic, stack, vivify, recompense, loads, bunch, basketful, animate, scads, set, plateful, concern, centiliter, bin, lot, impact, plenitude, doctor up, acre, clothes basket, fix, quicken, sterilise, mass, heal.

glimmer, shade, suspicion, want, lick, crumb, iota, scantiness, jot, molecule, scantness, flyspeck, scarceness, lack, absence, handful, paucity, sprinkle, nip, dram, scintilla, mote, scrap, atom, famine, trace, drop, granule, dab, whit, scruple, inadequacy, deficit, pinch, poverty, mite, driblet, ace, piece, dot, tad, dash, smattering, modicum, grain, tittle, section, touch, shadow, ray, dearth, fragment, shortage, deficiency, speck, taste, morsel, ounce, smatter, strain, portion, peanuts, sprinkling, bit, hint, scarcity, streak, smidgen, nubbin, pittance, particle, bust, mouthful, break, little, meagerness, shot, skimpiness, fleck, undersupply, spot, insufficiency, shred.

Examples of usage:

1) In a good year the same labour will produce twice as much wheat as in a bad; its productive power is greater; the time socially necessary to produce wheat is less, and the price of the bushel falls. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) Every bushel they give after that is got at continuously increasing cost. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) The bosun was honest, but he had been born without the divine gift of a bushel to conceal the blaze of his probity. - "Command", William McFee.