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Spell check of bughouse

Correct spelling: bughouse

crackpot, moonstruck, lunatic, crazed, haywire, kooky, batty, deranged, unhinged, non compos mentis, fruity, crackers, wacko, maniacal, cranky, loony tunes, demented, bats, gaga, bedlam, crazy, scatty, nutty, loony, cuckoo, unbalanced, barmy, brainsick, screwy, meshuga, bonkers, psychotic, wud, psycho, cracked, wacky, crackbrained, loco, mental, nuts, daft, daffy, certifiable, mad, unsound, balmy.

healthy, reasonable, normal, rational, wise, compos mentis, judicious, unneurotic, sane, lucid, sound, balanced, clear, sensible, well-adjusted.

Examples of usage:

1) New " bughouse cases" are continually added from the ranks of the prisoners forced to remain idle and kept in solitary. - "Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist", Alexander Berkman.

2) I could see the instrument panel from where I'd lashed myself fast; it was going completely bughouse. - "Four-Day Planet", Henry Beam Piper.

3) Say, Dudley, says I, lookin' him up and down, this listens to me like a bughouse play of yours; but I got to admit that you do it sporty. - "Torchy", Sewell Ford.