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Spell check of bring down

Correct spelling: bring down

dilute, concentrate, scale down, agitate, come down, lower, cut out, deoxidize, write out, glower, enter, natter, set about, edit out, repress, subjugate, light, fell, trim down, lour, discharge, repose, turn over, slenderize, dress, set out, put down, depress, chaffer, revolutionise, dispirit, contract, see, shoot the breeze, dismantle, inspect, lose weight, curve, commence, disappoint, shore, reverse, overturn, slue, tighten, issue, quash, wound, begin, burn, disregard, restrict, gossip, impose, turn out, injure, place down, strike down, repeal, subvert, slash, take down, demoralize, levy, disgrace, destroy, switch off, chat, dismount, shrivel, ignore, demean, drop off, destabilize, keep down, slew, descend, boycott, tip over, fall, countermand, inflict, knock over, flash back, debase, reduce, tear down, sabotage, snub, chew the fat, level, boil down, start out, mow, thin, minimize, enforce, curtail, annul, melt off, upset, travel to, bring, garnish, debauch, get down, shoot down, dislodge, skip, unload, start, deprave, lift, undermine, lop, rationalise, record, slay, call in, slim, corrupt, knock down, push down, shrink, turn down, vacate, lay, note, misdirect, foreshorten, erode, rescind, subdue, override, get, weaken, demoralise, pervert, cut, oust, chase, chitchat, down, defect, trim back, edit, visit, set ashore, cast down, tailor, plunge, claver, deoxidise, confab, unhorse, curb, overrule, hack, cut off, degrade, trend, rase, counteract, decrease, blacklist, write down, shorten, trim, abbreviate, clip, call, thin out, drop, confabulate, demonstrate, tump over, pare, overthrow, bowl over, swerve, go down, hurt, dismay, vitiate, geld, decoct, cut back, set down, revolutionize, foment, jaw, top-slice, sheer, prune, countermine, shave, rationalize, cut down, abridge, revoke, plummet, slim down, land, let down, turn off, halve, frown, raze, profane, chatter, crop, slip, veer, deject, get off, make out, snip, pull down.

bring up, get up, lift, elevate, raise.