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Spell check of briefs

Correct spelling: briefs

tips off, notifies, cautions, asserts, posts, divulges, guides, bra, reports, newspapers, announcements, promotions, announces, broadcasts, cues, disseminates, propagandizes, handbills, advocates, body, warns, newsmagazines, discloses, propaganda, informs, exhibits, consults, circulars, prompts, instructs, unmasks, reviews, bustier, promotes, periodicals, confers, encourages, publishes, heralds, publications, promulgates, boxers, organs, directs, communicates, testifies, declares, notices, admonishes, recommends, suggests, bulletins, proclaims, BVDs, journals, camisole, advertises, newsletters, counsels, uncloaks, expresses, reveals, advertisements, confesses, commercials, advises, gazettes, body suit, bloomers, circulates, brassiere.

Examples of usage:

1) Clients sometimes came as early as six or seven, and had undivided attention for three- quarters of an hour: these audiences amounted, in fact, to fresh verbal briefs, but were never charged for, as the arrangement was made for his own convenience. - "Memoirs of James Robert Hope-Scott, Volume 2", Robert Ornsby.

2) I will endeavour to get the Briefs settled in the best manner I am able and as soon as I have done, will send you a copy, and am- wishing you many happy years. - "Trial-of-Mary-Blandy", Roughead, William.

3) The briefs don't come anyway, nor the 'oof': that's all I can see to be sorry for. - "Winding Paths", Gertrude Page.