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Spell check of brace

Correct spelling: brace

cincture, mainstay, enkindle, doubleton, cause, mount, fire, stitch, come alive, make, gallus, cement, colony, rafter, ready, quartet, block, rib, guy, balance, lock, braces, doorknob, braid, twosome, bullet, rouse, collar, arouse, stretch, eye, rush, provoke, skid, drove, flight, bad break, match, scaffold, spike, stabilise, fortify, eyelet, anchor, twine, ligament, bearing, ampersand, steady, corset, paste, spur, perk up, fastener, chain, cane, beef up, fastening, conjure up, invoke, cotton, four, crutch, put forward, beam, apostrophe, knot, group, framework, stave, skewer, duette, middleman, stand by, wave, reach out, perk, glue, hasp, strut, bridge, caries, bracket, coupling, tie, clinch, strap, staple, stir, prop, empower, shore, couple, cotton ball, awaken, reinforce, temper, strengthen, bend, hook, knob, tack, bolster, batten down, band, vivify, nail, conjure, dyad, kindle, bevy, jack, bitstock, brake, bolt, lug, lace, energise, same, handle, arm, truss, bear, yoke, energize, open, cufflink, distich, stanchion, enliven, gird, frame, weld, foundation, agent, mounting, evoke, stimulate, wake, mates, knocker, duo, Band-Aid, bonding, flock, shank, close, string, dentistry, crown, clip, doublet, toughen, hold up, latch, stabilize, snap, vinculum, team, shake up, knitting, forearm, hinge, excite, prepared, induce, thread, score, binding, spindle, stay, bar, couplet, foursome, mucilage, wake up, hitch, gantry, staff, belt, lever, cavity, boom, twain, harden, comma, splice, wind up, gaggle, cinch, crank, bracing, raise, rabbet, cummerbund, clamp, bracer, duad, hive, duet, support, cast, hasten, prop up, brad, mediator, fuse, go-between, calm, elicit, bond, kick, zipper, bullet point, connector, binder, drawstring, medium, shake, extend, pas de deux, reinforcement, call forth, colon, turn on, peg, spread, community, waken, shore up, awake, straddle, steel, amalgam, call down, cap, suspender, quintet, invigorate, pairing, girder, percolate, catch, compress, joist, seal, genus Gallus, trigger, splint, suture, grapnel, hawser, becalm, rivet, pick up, pair, link, button, buttress, cotter, vise, bandage, get, cleat, clasp, bring up, underpinning, herd, pin, closure, stock, buckle, poise, pull, round, gain vigor, span, have, two.

sedate, tranquillise, tranquillize, tranquilize, de-energise, calm, de-energize.

Examples of usage:

1) She was beginning to tell herself quite frequently that she " didn't have no time for Man Fleetwood, seeing he wouldn't brace up and quit drinkin." - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

2) Brace up, daddy, for your Julia! - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

3) Thorne endeavored to brace himself after the blow, which had been as unexpected as it was heavy. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.