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Spell check of boxers

Correct spelling: boxers

drawers, bulldogs, short pants, shorts, underdrawers, Pekinese, bloomers, pants, boxershorts, knickers, trunks.

Examples of usage:

1) None of the others besides Boduoc were, Scopus thought, ever likely to be a credit to him in the more serious contests in the ring, but all showed an aptitude for wrestling and boxing, and the lanista was well content with this, as the games in the arena frequently commenced with these comparatively harmless sports, and in many of the provincial cities wrestlers and boxers were in great request. - "Beric the Briton A Story of the Roman Invasion", G. A. Henty.

2) You've seen these college- trained boxers, that think they're hittin' real hard when their punch wouldn't dent a cheese- pie. - "Shorty McCabe", Sewell Ford.

3) Some of the university students of Leipzig had taken me to a public dance, expressed their admiration for English sports, and asked my opinion about the merits of various English boxers of whom I had to confess great ignorance. - "The Soul of the War", Philip Gibbs.